An old blog post from blogger, now consolidated:

I stumbled Upon a pretty nifty web-based OS. Its build on JavaScript and AJAX. There are all sorts of speculation that google is looking to acquire it, but whatever.

So I checked it out and it is definitely cool… As cool as an online OS can be, it seems a little repetitive to have an OS that runs and OS, yeah yeah I know, persistence, blah, blah. Seems like a lot of work. I remember when when google announced their plans to release goOS, and people were ready to kiss the traditional operating system goodbye, except you have to have an OS and a browser to run it. I just don’t see this going anywhere.

So intrigued by the portable OS but unimpressed with the online OS, I started looking into Linux distros you can put onto a USB drive, like a live CD, but writable. I currently use Ubuntu for my desktop OS, and was hoping to find an easy USB distro but no luck, I’ve been working with Puppy and SLAX but haven’t had any luck yet…

Well that’s what I’ve got.