I Am A Sucker!

So i went out and bought an iPod Touch or iTouch….. and i have to say the thing is pretty damn cool. just like apple says, it just works, and is easy to maneuver. it picks up more wireless networks than my laptop, and i can drive around town and watch the wireless signals come and go (kind of scary how many we have) . and the Accelerometer works just like it should, only drawback is that it works only in select applications, but it works in all the important ones, Safari & iTunes.

Two very minor complaints:

  • No flash.
  • No VPN

other than that i think its just about the keenest thing ever! The UI is really intuitive, no relearning…..

And And i found it at costco for $10 less than i was going to pay on the apple website, and and and i didn’t have to wait 10 days for shipping.

In other news the Vikings managed to loose (not surprisingly) yet again.