I’ve been working lately on some potential software solutions for Higher Ed, and it kind of surprises me the lack of interest in using an open source solution. IT’S FREE! True you do have to hire a programmer, and you do have to pay them. But you’re putting the university’s money not only into the pocket of someone who will be there at 1:15 am if the site goes down, but you’re putting the money into the community(thats the community you are serving). Support your graduates by giving them a job, and they will be there for you, and i mean really be there in person, not half way across the country or across the world for that matter.

after all that i would say that i am pretty lucky, that i have folks here in IT that are willing to consider the Open Source Solution as an equal, if not better, solution to our software problems. I’m/we are looking into possible calendaring solutions for the university’s web presence, not being particularly happy with our current 3rd party, proprietary, unmodifiable software which will remain nameless. so if anyone’s got one they LOVE let me know (we are also looking for a cms).

it really just seems like a no brainer to me. you pay programmers anyhow. Use ’em.