Recently there was a concern raised that using Google Analytics violated FERPA by giving Google (a third party) personal information by providing browsing information and and ip address. Most (if not all) Universities publish a university phone book both in print and via the web, which provides name, address, phone number, and major. Google could easily scrape out that data gaining more sensitive data than an IP address, which in todays world of so many open wireless networks changes every time you reconnect to the wireless, or access using a lab o public computer. However an IP address Could be pinned to a person sitting at home, or sitting at a specific (work) computer on a big network. and this does fit into the idea of targeted ad content based on prior searches and browsing history. Are there any court cases that deal with this? let me know.

For now a Brief list of other Major Universities using Google Analytics as of Nov 8 2007:

  1. Harvard
  2. University of Minnesota
  3. Arizona State U
  4. Northern Arizona
  5. New York Univ
  6. NYU School of Business
  7. University of Oregon
  8. University of Delaware
  9. University of Virginia
  10. University of Illinois
  11. University of Washington
  12. University of Louisville
  13. Florida international university
  14. University of Wisconsin – River Falls
  15. University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)
  16. University of Oklahoma
  17. University of South Carolina
  18. University of Alabama
  19. Chapman University
  20. Stanford University
  21. University of Rochester
  22. University of Idaho
  23. University of Georgia
  24. Boise State
  25. Wayne State University
  26. Colorado State University
  27. Utah State University
  28. United Nations University
  29. University of Connecticut
  30. National University
  31. University of Dayton
  32. North Carolina State University
  33. University of Arkansas
  34. University of Missouri
  35. Ferris State University
  36. Cornell University
  37. University of Florida
  38. Texas A&M
  39. Northwestern State University
  40. Fairfield University