Last night i worked on a little project to make legal form available to people online, and not only available but provide an easy, and free, way for them to get these forms filled out. Its a basic web form that then uses TinyButStrong to create the OpenOffice Document. The only catch is that you have to have Open Office installed on your machine, but considering it’s free, it’s not that big of a deal. there will be a site up soon, hosted by Modwest, and i’ll post that here when it comes. This is a collective effort, i simply created the functional code to create the open office document from a template, and some other folks are going to work on creating an aesthetically pleasing interface.

This project is hopefully to be used by people who need to interact with the courts via these form, who don’t have the money to hire an attorney who undoubtedly just put the information into his proprietary software and produce the same thing, just with a hefty price tag.

I really feel this project is the type of project programmers who work in PHP and support the open source idea really like, it’s a great cause, and it is going to help real people.