Recently i mentioned that i’ve been working with openmissoula, a local non-profit, to create an online system that would allow a user to choose the type of legal form they want to create, fill out an online form, and have the system create the appropriately formatted legal form. it really works quite nicely, you may take a look. it is at the moment very rough… well you can just read the post from openmissoula. I was also asked to be on the board, and excepted, and so starts another adventure.

As of late i have been researching, playing and otherwise learning as much as i possibly can about: website analysis, online social networking as it relates to higher ed, and calendaring softwares suitable for higher education websites (both open source and otherwise). We have also been asked at work to set up a web server that runs linux and apache! exciting news, there may actually be some reason in the universe! (but don’t tell anyone) So i’m hoping to have a WAMP server up and running at work in the next couple of days, and then once the new LAMP server hardware has been purchased and they we get at least two deep trained in enterprise level support, we will be up and running (so like everything it will take time).

thought of the day: pay a programmer, not a corporation’s stockholders.