As of late I’ve been getting more and more interested in some of the open source licenses, specifically the Creative Commons, and the GPL I have been working on an open source project for openmissoula who works for economic fairness by promoting and demonstrating the used of Free and Open Source Software. So I’ve been learning about Stallman (gpl founder) and Lessig (cc founder). and i stopped by Hastings tonight to see if there were any books by Lessig, and they had none. At home, and slightly annoyed, it occurred to me that purchasing a book about the freedom of information, and the general idea of open source was not only an absurd idea but a little ironic.
GNUCCSo I pulled out a site from the memory bank, a good one, Free Tech Books and i did some looking and found just what i was looking for. A book by Laurence Lessig, and a book by Richard Stallman. I have used this site for other books, how to, code help and the like. Really a helpful site. There is a third entry entitled “Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing” it is licensed with the “Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License 2.0” and published by O’Reilly. O’Reilly will certainly allow you to read the book for free, but in order to download the book in pdf format you have to do it by chapter, and you must purchase ‘tokens.’ Irony.