I’m coming to you tonight from foreign soil. sad but true. There has been a death, and it has caused a great disturbance (in the force that is). My laptop got together with my beer late sunday night, and well, it did not live to tell the tale. After intense drying exercises and surgical exploration it was determined that resuscitation was not only unlikely but not possible.

The Obituary

Today we must honor and celebrate the life of lilPenguin. A proud Dell Inspiron 600m, that enjoyed running Ubuntu and aiding in developing in PHP and Java among others. With 1.5 Gb of RAM lilPenguin would perform great feats with ease, and often outpaced many of the Windows opponents, if not in speed then certainly in nobility. Survivors include the LCD screen, Hard drive, and RAM who will undoubtedly miss him greatly. Favorite programs were Eclipse, with PHPclipse plugin, Firefox with FireFTP plugin and Pidgin.

lilPenguin met his end shortly before eight o’clock in the evening Sunday November 25, 2007. After a night of too much beer, he just couldn’t pull through. He did fight for life until around 9 when he finally gave up hope and passed with a sound that can only be heard when liquid comes in contact with a live circuit board. A surgical autopsy confirmed the findings and he was laid to rest in a cardboard box in the closed. Though lilPenguin can never be replaced, we can only hope that which ever machine succeeds him is at least half of the machine he was, and hopefully twice as fast. With all our thoughts and prayers we wish you well lilPenguin.

End of days