I’ve been thinking and reading and spinning about the generation gap. i came across an article by Penelope Trunk, a columnist for the Boston Globe and Yahoo Finance. I’ve caught a few of her articles on yahoo, an am generally impressed. she has had a couple of good articles about the fundemental differences between the millennials, and the baby boomers (generally their parents). she discusses that the millennial generation transcends time, and is defined more by our actions, and methods. saying that, many older folks are millennials, and many younger folks are pre-aged….

Activies that millennials live for:

  • Facebook, MySpace
  • viral video
  • online gaming (Xbox Live, mmorpg)
  • text messaging
  • Work more efficiently, work less
  • Instant messaging
  • instant gratification
  • fun in the workplace

She also talks about the baby boomers stressing team work, and that teamwork is so engrained in the millennials way of life the forced structure, and the talking about teamwork are uninteresting.