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You can blog from word 2007! Who Knew?

The loot includes but is not limited to:

Of course there was many others including many gift cards and we are very thankful for everything! Among the Thomas stuff Collin got was a large board that will roll under his bed, and it has a wooden track layout so he can drive the trains around the track.

Perusing the internet i found an Excellent site, Jamendo is a music site that hosts primarily music licensed under one of the creative commons licenses. The music is free, and legal to download and they have some good stuff too. There is also a plugin for Rhythmbox which is pretty cool. Give it a look.

The Compass


I did a very little bit of googling i found He is a web guy for the Washington Post. It seems that he got to play with the google API before they released it to the public. When his boss asked him to start working on this he and his colleague Deryck Hodge decided two things the most important (IMHO) is:


We shouldn’t even bother to try to build something on the new Facebook API if we were just going to try to get our headlines on people’s pages. (Yep, that’s what every college student wants: headlines from The Washington Post on their Facebook profile).

This is a good point that far too many administrators look past, or maybe more commonly, they don’t listen to their employees who are usually closer to the target demographic.


Fink – In computing, the Fink project is an effort to port Unix programs to Mac OS X. Fink uses dpkg and APT (Debian‘s package management system), as well as its own frontend program, fink (which is implemented as a set of Perl modules). It is maintained by a community of contributors. (wikipedia)

usefulness – A guide will walk you through installing Apache2 and SVN using Fink on OS X 10.4.

Fink provides an easy way to install packages on to Mac OS X. using the guide above i was able to easily install Apache2 and SVN. Now i just need to find a tutorial to install php5 and i’ll be good to go.

I have the BlackBerry® 8830 World Edition


reasons i dislike the blackberry.

  • The browser SUCKS (i also have the iPod Touch, no comparison)
  • Google apps don’t function properly, not sure who s really to blame here but…
    • Google apps often freeze the unit.
    • they often will not open.
    • gmail has to be refreshed when opened or you’ll just see old email
  • Dialling numbers presented with letters is impossible (like 243-help or 800-ANY-PHONE)
    • you could figure it out by drawing a phone on paper, but really would it be that hard to just associate the letters on the keyboard when you’ve started dialling a phone number.
  • i have had the thing freeze on me a couple of times, i have also had it give me an hour glass in the middle of the screen that i am unable to escape from, even powering off and restarting the device.

I’ve had this post on hold because i’ve been testing some newly gained knowledge, and wanted to be able to report on any successes’ i had. I went to the missoula linux users group meeting last week and listened to a presentation on virtualization and learned a bit about VMWare. I went to work Friday set on installing Ubuntu on my workstation and doing away with windows! and i did! I installed ubuntu, managed to get dual monitors set up using the aticonfig, which was surprisingly easy, and set up a virtual installation of Windows using VMWare. I love it. the virtual machine works just like it should. I have it joined to the domain, just like a regular windows workstation, so i have easy access to outlook and all the fun Exchange functionality. The Computer i have at work has a processor of handling virtualization which means much better performance from the virtual machine.

So i’m now happily working on an Ubuntu system at work. Yay

what i really want for christmas:



Yes really….

ok fine not really.

ok Yes REALLY.

So like everyone else this weekend we set up our tree. We went out and picked up an artificial tree at Target (great deals) and set it up in the living room. We also picked up some cool Christmas lights that are LED… They were a little pricey BUT but they use like 20% of the energy that standard lights do, they are prettier (in my opinion), they are not hot to the touch after being on, and the best part: they don’t burn out. Yeah!

led LIghts

meandering through the mall today (along with the rest of missoula) i found these Sweet little RC cars at Radio Shack

RC Car


And the best part: they’re only $10. Fun little toys too. They seem pretty stable, and respond well to the controller. I test drove it on the carpet and seem to have no trouble over the low pile carpet here, although higher carpet may pose a problem. Aside from the GT they come in a Mercedes and the Hummer H2. Personally the GT is the coolest.