I’ve had this post on hold because i’ve been testing some newly gained knowledge, and wanted to be able to report on any successes’ i had. I went to the missoula linux users group meeting last week and listened to a presentation on virtualization and learned a bit about VMWare. I went to work Friday set on installing Ubuntu on my workstation and doing away with windows! and i did! I installed ubuntu, managed to get dual monitors set up using the aticonfig, which was surprisingly easy, and set up a virtual installation of Windows using VMWare. I love it. the virtual machine works just like it should. I have it joined to the domain, just like a regular windows workstation, so i have easy access to outlook and all the fun Exchange functionality. The Computer i have at work has a processor of handling virtualization which means much better performance from the virtual machine.

So i’m now happily working on an Ubuntu system at work. Yay