I have the BlackBerry® 8830 World Edition


reasons i dislike the blackberry.

  • The browser SUCKS (i also have the iPod Touch, no comparison)
  • Google apps don’t function properly, not sure who s really to blame here but…
    • Google apps often freeze the unit.
    • they often will not open.
    • gmail has to be refreshed when opened or you’ll just see old email
  • Dialling numbers presented with letters is impossible (like 243-help or 800-ANY-PHONE)
    • you could figure it out by drawing a phone on paper, but really would it be that hard to just associate the letters on the keyboard when you’ve started dialling a phone number.
  • i have had the thing freeze on me a couple of times, i have also had it give me an hour glass in the middle of the screen that i am unable to escape from, even powering off and restarting the device.