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A Softer World is one of the best comics out there. one of the creators post for the 24th is also very excellent.

The little girl says to her mom, “Look at that walrus! Walrus! Look at that!” She has a little pink sun hat on her head. She has little pink cheeks. She is a little pink girl. “Can we swim too?” she says.
“No, don’t be ridiculous,” the mother says.
“Don’t be,” her little brother says.

Read more…. on his site.

Also i’ve started listening to The Postal Service‘s Give Up. also very excellent.

This one is really a dusey. it’s a letter from bill gates to hobbyists in 1976.


  • Who can afford to do professional work for nothing? What hobbyist can put 3-man years into programming, finding all bugs, documenting his product and distribute for free? //Who can’t?
  • The royalty paid to us, the manual, the tape and the overhead make it a break-even operation. One thing you do do is prevent good software from being written. // was anything microsoft ever produced with the intent of breaking even? I applaud the ‘Hobbyists’ who made it that way.
  • I would appreciate letters from any one who wants to pay up, or has a suggestion or comment. //Ha!

google-grease… I Like It.

Took the Plunge!

ThinkPad T61


see the post:
see the specs:

Today was an exciting day for us over consuming consumers. Jessica was finally up for a new phone with Verizon and she picked a pretty sweet LG it’s the LG VX8700, and thats not the only LG product we bought today.

The New Machine


It’s a new LG TROMM series washer, our old one, which we pulled out of an alley, was shaking and squeeking and every time it got turned on i just about went Crazy! So we’ll use the Tax refund on this and the laptop may have to wait. At least there will be peace. The photo was taken with her new phone, which has a Nice 2 megapixel camera.

Its not very often montana gets a spot in national news, and even more rare we get mentioned in a major periodical, and this week we made it into two! Wired magazine ran an article about the Real ID rules, and the New York Times ran a piece about a Nobel laureate who was scheduled to speak at a small town high school, but was canceled after parents didn’t want their kids to hear his message without an opposing viewpoint, this is truly a sad situation. Put very well by one of the students: “I don’t feel there is another side. Global warming is not a controversial issue, it’s a fact. We need to be prepared to deal with it.”

This is really NOT a controversial issue, it’s simple, and we do have to do something about it.

Admitting there is a problem is the first step to recovery.

so i’m in the market for a new laptop. i had a Dell Inspiron 600m, and although it worked pretty well, towards the end of its life (about 2.5 years) it really started to fall apart. the front corners were cracked, the keypad started seperating, and the hinge started getting loose. i had a friend who had the same machine and he experienced very similar problems. (so it’s not just me)

So i started to do the research, i called dell to speak with someone about getting a latitude system, and the russian woman i spoke with was pretty rude. shitty product, shitty service they have lost my business.

So what to buy…. i started looking at HP’s, it seems you can get a decent hardware set up for a pretty good price, but i really wanted a High quality, Sturdy product. and i found this, a ThinkPad T Series, the ThinkPads aren’t much to look at but they have an unbeatable reputation, and i was supprised to find that i could afford a pretty decent system.

ThinkPad T61

CollinI’m Just Playing, really i am

Good news for web developers… Good news for all. I downloaded Firefox 3 beta 2 today and did a quick acid2 test and it passed beautifully! So because both IE 8 and FF 3 will both pass this test, it means that both browsers will meet the SAME standards, so there will be less developing for one browser, and then tweaking for the other one… this means pages will more likely look more similar in firefox and ie giving the user the look and feel that the designer intended, and will mean designers will spend far less time tweaking style sheets and monkeying with javascript code.

Currently the only browser that passes the acid2 test is Opera 9.24ish and later. opera has really come a long way and has some nice features for web surfers, and obviously it is Leading the charge for browser standards compliance…