so i’m in the market for a new laptop. i had a Dell Inspiron 600m, and although it worked pretty well, towards the end of its life (about 2.5 years) it really started to fall apart. the front corners were cracked, the keypad started seperating, and the hinge started getting loose. i had a friend who had the same machine and he experienced very similar problems. (so it’s not just me)

So i started to do the research, i called dell to speak with someone about getting a latitude system, and the russian woman i spoke with was pretty rude. shitty product, shitty service they have lost my business.

So what to buy…. i started looking at HP’s, it seems you can get a decent hardware set up for a pretty good price, but i really wanted a High quality, Sturdy product. and i found this, a ThinkPad T Series, the ThinkPads aren’t much to look at but they have an unbeatable reputation, and i was supprised to find that i could afford a pretty decent system.

ThinkPad T61