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In the Spirit of Web 2.0 and such i was told that i too need a nice big rss button!


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Toshiba has given up on HD DVD and bluRay will become the new standard.

this really comes as no surprise. Blockbuster, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Netflix decided to go with sony’s product.

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i found this line on Tom Fite’s blog:

“I write code and try not to let the code write me.”

-Tom Fite of

food for thought.

Our first visit to Papa Murphy’s yielded this:

Serious Pizza

A true piece of art. and delicious too!

A cool survey tells you how you match up with the candidates
-courtesy of Jamie
The Voting Linup

Another good one. this one makes you rate your interest (regardless of political feelings) of individual topics.
-courtesy of Dan
More results


Jessica took this with her phone.

Daisy was invented by George Kerscher, a Graduate of UM in Missoula, Developed an OPEN standard for creating and publishing documents that were accessible and Usable by those with vision disabilities or those with dyslexia.

The UM Campus is poised in taking a leadership roll in implementing the Daisy standard and it would be a good step in the right direction.

A blurb from about us on follows..
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This was created by Jessica Hagy creator of Indexed.

good political humor Indexed Style

Letterman + Barack = ?

Courtesy of Patia