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I came across this while looking to make websites look better on Ubuntu. Installing Microsoft Fonts using the repository makes all the little font oddities on the web a thing of the past (well for most things). it makes setting heights and widths much easier, and fonts actually look like they are suppose to!

10 feet from my jeep.
50 feet from my apartment.

At long last it was time for me to get a new phone from verizon wireless. For the past several months i have been stuck with both a blackberry AND a personal phone. So i decided to get a personal phone that could handle both the email checkin’, the high speed internet browsin’ and of course the phone callin’.

I landed on the Samsung 760i, and other than the fact that it runs Windows Mobile i have to say i Really like it. you can see the ridiculous promo site.

I know this is a few days late, by here it is

We made local history here in Missoula, we had both democratic presidential candidates here in one weekend. John Edwards stopped by a couple of months ago, meaning we had three prominent political figures think we were important enough to visit.

I was lucky enough to get to see John, Barack and Hillary, and seeing them in real live is really a surreal experience, we watch them on TV all the time, but seeing them in the flesh is pretty Amazing.

Hillary’s Show

After going to both the Hillary show and the Barack show, i feel even stronger that hillary is NOT the right president for us right now. Barack is the person we need to fix our dire situation.
Hillary Sign Debacle
I’ve been thinking about why Barack appeals to me so much more. Patia puts it very well when she says ”
I believe that Hillary Clinton’s biggest motivation is not helping people or rescuing the country or building a better world — it is becoming president. Plain and simple. Barack Obama, on the other hand, strikes me as someone who truly cares about people and making the world a better place.” She has a certain amount of “Sharkyness” (coined by Mike M), that while some folks think we need, I really think we need an ambassador of good will as our Commander and Chief. There are plenty of cabinet positions and a VP that can and will handle that.

In other exciting news we are getting another (sorta) presidential candidate Ron Paul will be gracing Missoula with his presence April 21 in the adams center 7:30.

It’s been several weeks since the missoulian was caught stealing their website design. The Montana Kaimin has yet to run a story about this serious breach of integrity on the part of the Missoulian. I find it odd that the Kaimin staff hasn’t worked up the nerve to run a story that depicts in poor light a potential employer. It seems our student news paper staff should re-examine their duties as journalists, and the Missoulian should be able to feel confident that when hiring University of Montana Grads that they are getting folks who are unwilling to compromise their integrity as a journalist.

This is, quite honestly, the bees knees.

Lately on the Television i have been seeing commercials that go a little something like this:

We didn’t wait for someone else to storm the beaches of Normandy,
We didn’t wait for someone else to guarantee civil rights,
Or put a man on the moon,
And we can’t wait for someone else to solve the global climate crisis…

See the YouTube video here
I have to say that this commercial Really Grinds My Gears. The sponsoring group has a noble goal no doubt, but i have issue with the points they bring up.

  1. The Beaches of Normandy – While Hitler was committing mass genocide, and Stalin was committing atrocities of his own, we looked on and offered No help, no assistance, no leadership. It wasn’t until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor we decided maybe we ought to get involved. It was a reaction to attack on our country, we did not take a leadership role in stopping the killings over seas
  2. Civil Rights – It seems to me The United States had more problems with civil rights than any other first world country. And our problems could, were, and are being solved by no one other than us. I do agree that we now need to rise up they way they did then and get some attention to combat global warming, and our last election was indicative of that, now if only they could do something…
  3. Man on The Moon – This is a tribute to American Greatness. Americans put their smarts to the test and won the race to the moon.

I know this is awful cynical, but it’s the same as glorifying Christopher Columbus, and they need to be called on it. I do very much support their cause, i just dislike that commercial.