Lately on the Television i have been seeing commercials that go a little something like this:

We didn’t wait for someone else to storm the beaches of Normandy,
We didn’t wait for someone else to guarantee civil rights,
Or put a man on the moon,
And we can’t wait for someone else to solve the global climate crisis…

See the YouTube video here
I have to say that this commercial Really Grinds My Gears. The sponsoring group has a noble goal no doubt, but i have issue with the points they bring up.

  1. The Beaches of Normandy – While Hitler was committing mass genocide, and Stalin was committing atrocities of his own, we looked on and offered No help, no assistance, no leadership. It wasn’t until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor we decided maybe we ought to get involved. It was a reaction to attack on our country, we did not take a leadership role in stopping the killings over seas
  2. Civil Rights – It seems to me The United States had more problems with civil rights than any other first world country. And our problems could, were, and are being solved by no one other than us. I do agree that we now need to rise up they way they did then and get some attention to combat global warming, and our last election was indicative of that, now if only they could do something…
  3. Man on The Moon – This is a tribute to American Greatness. Americans put their smarts to the test and won the race to the moon.

I know this is awful cynical, but it’s the same as glorifying Christopher Columbus, and they need to be called on it. I do very much support their cause, i just dislike that commercial.