Archives for the month of: May, 2008

I have some words to make up for the long absence.

  • Busy.
  • Summer is appairently the time when everyone decides its time for a new website. (lots of freelance work abound)
  • A painted office makes for a stinky office
  • The season ender of House was good/sad/omg
  • Iron Man is good
  • Open source mapping applications make my brain tired.
  • Summer in missoula is unbelievably excellent
  • MODx is an excellent CMF

slashdot has an article about the most annoying softwares. now i use linux so for the most part i just get to point an laugh at all these worthless software packages. But flash, ooohh flash i can’t get away from you. here is what the article says about flash.

so true…