as I departed Missoula, at 6:20am on Saturday, and flew to Salt Lake it occurred to me that when I arrive in Philadelphia, at 4:45 local time I will have to go in search of lodging. My dad recommended that I find a place with a free shuttle that can get me to the train station where I hope to find the $8 trip to Atlantic City (at least the internet said it was $8) where i sat internetless for 2 hours. Luckily a buddy of mine, Tim gave me the latest John Grisham book (I know, I know, but I’m a sucker). So I plowed through The Appeal, and watched the throng of people as they nervously stood around and listen for the garbled announcements changes, departures, and not to let anyone tamper with your luggage. Currently I sit aboard Delta flight 1156 with service to Philadelphia, our vessel today a Boeing 757.

The Introductory video with the same old in flight safety schpeal that we’ve all heard a Million times, was actually pretty entertaining. They poked quite a bit of fun at the monotony of this very important federally regulated message, especially the part about all the possible flotation devices at our disposal should we plummet towards the earth and survive a fiery crash into some body of water….

As I sit watching my favorite episode of House on my iPod, I notice that the LCD in front of me says the temperature is -56 ° F (-48 ° C). Thats Cold. The little map shows that we are right above the Nebraska/Iowa border, just north of Omaha. I have been surprised to learn that the rumors that they have done away with all semblance of snacks is simply untrue. In fact I think the selection and options have improved, and they still have those amazing Biscoff cookies. And after they offered us cold beverages, they came through again and offered us all coffee.

So the LCD embedded in the seat in front of me. Damn. I can play trivial pursuit and pit my skillz against those of my flightmates. Quite an ingenious idea. Other options include most of the major news networks, HBO and PPV movies. Flying these days may be spendy but I feel pretty well taken care of.

p.s. Props to the mom who was able to quell her Screaming child with an amount of patience I could never muster in these confined quarters.