The last leg of travel, originally uploaded by jakonavitch.

I have successfully boarded the train from philadelphia to Atlantic city. We were a bit delayed because our new jersey transit train had to rescue a broken down amtrak. because of the rescue operation our boarding location was moved about 200 yards down the platform. So imagine about hundred irritated passengers squeezing through the 3 or so feet between the edge of the platform and the staircase we all came down.

It was an odd mix of folks too. There were the painfully obvious tourists, with their big ol’ suitcases while trying to resist the urge to poke their head out to see if the train was Ever gonna come!?! There were the high school kids with their wave boards and older folks with their lawn chairs all waiting to go to the beach. I was happy to. Be carrying my Kelty (internal frame) backpack, I felt less like a touristy kid from podunk montana. Though I’m sure I was easy to pick out.

It also amazes me that they don’t check your ticket until the very end of the train ride.