So I’m here. I made it. W00t.

with only one minor bus mishap i have successfully ended my journey to eduWeb. Now begins the real journey. My initial impression of the Trump Marina hotel was, wow: not bad… a nice room on the 25 floor, with a great view. It all goes a little down hill from there. It started when I tried to set up the laptop in the room. No desk, no biggie I clear off the coffee table and get my stuff set up. Wireless is apparently available in room only for $12.95 a day. So I’m here for 4 days, thats as much as I pay for a month of internet at home. Unimpressed. There must be a mistake, a web conference with no web? Surely there are arrangements made. No I’m assured that I can simply use a credit card to get online, or if I prefer I can head to the business center. Now we’re getting somewhere! The front desk gives me the access code. They are the first three digits of my cell number, that’s handy. Then “…if you’d like you use the computer you will need to enter your credit card number…” a business center, with a computer I have to pay for. Great.

So bored out of my Skull I start wandering. At first I assume Atlantic City is gonna be like Vegas, lots to see places to walk and people to watch. No, the marina section of the AC is way away from all that. I can see two other monster casino’s from my hotel room but a raging interstate, nearly overflowing it’s banks makes me think twice about that venture. Meandering around the hotel I realize why Donald Trump is rich. There is Nothing to do here but gamble, no stores to shop in, no place to walk, just gamble.

There are a handful of restaurants, The Cafe, where a burger costs $10. a steakhouse where the steaks start at $50, an Asian joint with a fixed menu for $65. I enjoy restaurants with a fixed menu, I like trying new things but that would blow like 2 days of my per diem meal allowance. The saving grace is a nice little Pizza shop, down in the basement, a deep dish rectangular piece of pizza is $4.03 (after tax), and I have to say they are amazing. There are two veggie pizza’s I’ve tried thus far: grandma’s pizza and the Garden of Eden (can’t help but think of Garden of Eatin’ an odd little joint in the Great Falls Mall)

The final restaurant, one I’ve never been fond of until this very moment. Hooters. They have given me the gift of the internet. Thank You Hooters for you publicly available internet, even though you’re closed I sit here in the hall way of the hotel and shamelessly use you.