I present Vendor Free: open source solutions for higher education in 20 minutes, I am sitting in the breakfast room and watching people slowly shuffle in. I got here at 7 expecting to find the room set up, and the organizers organized, but I found the breakfast buffet being set up and the organizers nowhere to be found. There are about 7 table topics, each presented over breakfast, and signed up for the night before. We are all a bit puzzled as to the lack of order. The signs we expected to see indicating which table was which are not here, so we have chosen tables by chance, and hope not to have to pack up the lappies and coffees and bags and move tables. I’m a presenter so I’m moderately certain that if in fact a shuffle happens I can claim this table as Vendor Free.

OmniUpdate was good enough to bring travel mugs as some of their schwag, I’ve been in search of on as I can make free coffee in my room but a bottle of water in this joint is $2.50. kudos to you OmniUpdate, even if you didn’t put in a bid for our CMS.

The food has just arrived, and a man in the front of the room is doing a mic check, and as usual he is over-doing it and mostly just annoying those of us interested in getting anything done.

Check one, two….. Test one, two…. Check one, two….. Test one, two….

In Vegas you can’t tell the difference between 7pm and 7am. The AC seems to be trying to pull the same thing off, but the patrons don’t seem to be interested. At 7 this morning the music was going, the lights were on everything in full swing, except 90% of the machines were empty, the sound of the slots was missing. Its odd to be in an immense Vegas style casino and not hear that noise.