Telephones and semi-colons, originally uploaded by jakonavitch.

Checking out of a hotel you’ve moved into for four days is unpleasant. Certainly something will be left under the bed, in the bathroom, or behind that chair in the corner. I think I managed to collect all my belongings and check out of the hotel with out haggling over extraneous charges. Freedom.

The jitney was kind enough to transport me from the Trump Marina to the convention center / train station. the Jitney is much nicer at 9am, and no other passengers, than at 5pm where three pass by without stopping and their FULL signs glowing.

Riding the New Jersey Transit to Philadelphia is an amazing, and inexpensive, way to travel. The trains are mostly full, but not uncomfortably so. The landscape isn’t miles of asphalt and strip malls but more of the back country, houses, small towns, and lots of green trees. I have always been drawn to train travel as a kid I remember riding through eastern montana and north dakota and trying to count the telephone polls. Let me tell you from experience that there are quite a few.

This reminds me of a quote I think about often. “The more common a thing the more invisible it comes” when looking out the train window the telephone polls seemed to be a prime example of this. We see fields and trees and sandhill cranes and farm houses, but telephone polls and fences are lost.

As a programmer I often think that semi-colons have a lot more in common with telephone polls than a lot of people think.