Here we are starting another school year, and the Montana Kaimin has again started printing. They wrote an article about the new design UM homepage and though i will admit much bias, the facts were presented in mediocre fashion.

The Good:

The Tabbed design.
We like every other school doing a redesign decided on a tabbed approach to organize our information by audience. We did however throw in a little something else. We are allowing folks to set (via cookie) their default homepage. So as a staff member i set my default to Faculty & Staff and every time i hit i do directly to that page, with content i actually care about, targeted stories, news, events, faces, etc…

The Bad

The headline: UM Web site getting $57,000 facelift, feedback sought
I of all people really have no room to comment on other’s grammar, but as a journalist you shouldn’t need pointers from the likes of me.
The face lift (two words) of the UM web (little w) site had nothing to do with the purchase of the content management system. yeah nothing. they were both part of a plan to improve the over look, feel and ease of use of the entire UM web presence. but in fact the UM home page complex was not developed using the CMS.

-Administration stories will show up when that tab is selected.
There is no administration tab. there is a ‘topic page’ but in fact stories do not show up on topic pages only on audience pages.