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Not like the non-alcoholic beverage…

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Having the analytics for a site with over 1.6 million votes a year is kinda fun. the trend that are shown are pretty good, and have a pretty wide demographic. Today i noticed that in the past 3 days the number of users using google chrome (168 or 0.41%) is nearly twice that of Opera’s usage (88 or 0.21%) but still far below the big three: IE (29,250 or 71.07%), FF (7,811 or 18.98%), Safari (3,721 or 9.04%)

It’s only 3 days of data, and its at the surge of Chome’s release but it is still interesting. I will attempt to blog in a month or so about how the trend is doing.

I checked out the new Cafe Dulce today. a co-worker had come back saying he would never go back because it was terribly noisy. I thought i’d try it for my self. and wow the acoustics are Terrible. the place was practically empty and the noise was awful. I can’t imagine it during the lunch hour. I chatted with one of the barristas and she said it was worse before they put up the sound absorbing panels.

A place like that can only survive by providing a pleasing atmosphere, the coffee, food, and the gelato are all Too expensive. they need to do something. It is a Beautiful building! great windows and a nice high ceiling (which will probably have to be changed to account for the noise) .

This is a letter written by someone who claims to know her personally, and has been involved in local government in Wasilla, AK.

You have to read the whole thing. don’t stop early.

A letter from Anne Kilkenny

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