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It has been a long time since i’ve written anything here. and i have to admit a Lot has happened in my life.

For the past several months we have basically dedicated all of our time to designing and creating a new web presence for The University of Montana. You can go there and use the comments boxes on each page to tell us what you think. I have to say i think this is one of the best things we did in the process of redesigning the site. At the university we serve a very diverse demographic, practically every age group, men and woman, those currently attending UM, Those considering it and all the parents in between. We have Alums coming to the site looking for things to do and ways to help out their Alma Mater. I will say that the site was largely designed by committee, which posed it’s problems but all and all it turned out ok, and everyone, well almost, who has a stake in the homepage has their link.

Give us some feedback if you like, good or bad, please though, if you think it sucks tell us a) why, and b) and what you would do to fix it. This process has given us all pretty thick skin.

Aside from a new home page we also implemented a Content Management System, check out the alumni site, and see Gordy’s post about the launches. The CMS will and already has provided us with a way to 1) allow non technical users to quickly create and update web content, with no expensive software, and 2) start to create an overall branding for the university.

In personal news, the wife and i just bought a new car, its a Chevy Malibu LS, coolest features:

  • 25 mpg in town, 35 highway
  • CD player (yes we have finally joined the rest of the world)
  • enormous trunk, with folding rear seats.
  • did i mention 25 mpg in town, 35 highway?

We will be in Seattle for Thanksgiving and we are excited to get it out on the road and see what it can do.

Really?, originally uploaded by jakonavitch.

Seriously folks, use the trash can right behind you!