There is no one who can argue that facebook, and when i say facebook I am lumping all such services together, hasn’t revolutionized the way people communicate, especially the people of my generation (i’m 24). A good friend of mine was sent to Germany early in the summer and then deployed to Iraq in July. In a recent message to a friend (via facebook) he says:

“I am not suffering too much with such easy access to Facebook”

It seems very interesting to me the level of the use of facebook by the soldiers overseas, especially by those like Steve who drives a humvee through the worst parts of Iraq. He describes one of the places he frequents as “more like a Mad Max film than a city.”

Facebook provides something that no other type of “correspondence” in history ever has. Steve, and others overseas can keep up on what is happening at home, without waiting on emails, or god forbid a snail mail letter. He can tell how we’re doing and we can see how he’s doing, not only by the messages he sends us, but also by seeing what he’s written on other’s walls etc.