during this coming week we will “soft launch” the new campus map we’ve been working on. The URL will be http://map.umt.edu/ (that should go live early monday morning). We have set up a blog at http://geogart.com, we will be talking about things like the configuration from start to finish, general notes on development and how and why we did the things we did.

We wanted to create a user experience that was highly interactive and would give people the options to display the kind of information that matters to them. The map uses Open Layers which makes the UI just like iGoogle Maps, but we’ve taken it one more step and provided the user with a number of toggleable options. The options turn on overlays on the map like “Snow Routes”, “Bus Stops”,”Places to Eat” just to name a few. We realise that there are an infinite number of potential layers, and we would be happy to hear them, but we have limited resources and gathering both the geographic and attribute data (that’s the description, photos, phone number and such) and finding someone willing to keep the attribute data up to date is a long process. If you have any thoughts on added features or improvements please let us know!

We have also just set up an instance of Bugzilla to keep track of bugs in the different applications we create/work on. It seems like we have about four or five different projects at any one time, so hopefully it will help us out. Does anyone out there know of any Open Source bug tracking tools? Bugzilla seems to have a pretty terrible interface and the install is more complicated than I think it needs to be.