I went skiing today. We went to Lost Trail, and it was a really good time.  The last time i went skiing was probably five or six years ago.   And up until then i was a pretty avid skier, and at some point in my reckless attempts to hurl myself down myself down the mountain i was talked into buying a helmet.  And ever since I’ve worn one, for a couple of reasons: i find it more comfortable than wearing a hat; the obvious safety reasons; and back then it kind of set me and my buddy apart from the crowd.  it seems though that these days wearing a helmet is all the rage, i would guess that the number of helmet wearers is approximately equal to the number of non-helmet hearers. I was smart enough to pick up a new hybrid helmet this summer, the Camp Pulse and the Winter Kit which I would highly recommend.  It fit me really well and was warm enough for today, it was about 37 degrees, my only complaint is that I don’t feel like it came down as far in the back as other ski helmets did and that might be problematic on colder days, but I can see that that would be highly problematic while climbing, I think picking up a balaclava will do the trick.