Tomorrow will be the first day of Collin’s new day care.  Our former day care was Amazing.  I would highly recomend Tinker Tots day care.  The only problem for us is that it’s Extremely far from our home.  I did some figuring and we were driving over 25 miles each day just to get Collin to and from day care.  That’s more than a gallon a day.  And so we decided to look for something a little closer, and more convenient.  We discovered there was an opening at The University of Montana’s ASUM Childcare center on campus, and so starting tomorrow our commute will go from around 30 extra minutes to zero.  As you can probably imagine, i am pretty excited. Tomorrow morning Collin, Jessica and I are going to ride the bus to work.  This will make our reliance on a moter vehicle limited to errands and groceries and the like.

We are very sad to be leaving Miranda and Justin at Tinker Tots, but after the car accident and realizing how poor a job missoula does to take care of the roads in the south hills, we decided it was time for a change.twitter wordpress