Today is the first day of school, and it is the first time the general population on campus has seen the new map.  I’ve included a screenshot, if you click on it you will get the Big version which is Actual Size or you could just go to the map

Our Analytics when something like this (Thursday: 42 -> Sunday -> 900; Monday: 964 and still counting):


If you look at the map there are Two text input boxes, one at the top and one at the bottom.  The top on is the search, and the bottom is the feedback input form.  We’ve had a lot of good feedback, but there were some interesting entries:

  • college of technology
  • social science
  • ED 315
  • ss
  • clapp

These are all places on campus, which lead us to believe that folks were getting confused about what that feedback box was for.  It is Clearly labeled: ” What do you think of this page?” It seems this re-iterates that users don’t read anything. To Help with this problem I decided to add in a default value of “Enter Feedback….” into the textbox that disappears when a person clicks it, hopefully that will help clarify.

We’ve been constantly working on the map, fixing issues and concerns brought to light via the feedback, and also improving the current functionality.  A couple of things that were commonly left in the  feedback were

The scroll wheel controlling the zoom of the map is confusing. – so we “fixed” it, now the scroll wheel doesn’t affect the map.

The Building Codes for the Buildings, for example  Social Science is SS,  are missed so we are going to do some conditioning on the zoom level to indicate whether or not to print the building codes.

We have also been getting lots of great information about the data that displays about each building. People have been good about letting us know when our data isn’t accurate and pointing us in the right direction to get it fixed.