I have a “client” that needed a new computer, and they didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg, but they wanted something that would be reliable and last.  It’s a computer for a small office, that will be used for internet surfing, video playing, and some basic bookkeeping done using spreadsheets. I offered to build them a computer,  I ordered all of the parts on Newegg, and spent around $420.  Here are the pieces i ordered:

I have to say my favorite is the 19 inch wide screen.  after being stuck on my laptop screen for so long I’m envious and nearly bought one for myself, they were only $119.  Everything went extremely well with the computer building, and i have to admit that is is the first computer I’ve built out of all new parts, I’ve Frankenstein a lot of old junk together to make little file servers and boxes to tinker with different Linux distro’s and the like.  It didn’t take long to put the pieces together, and the Ubuntu install was quick and painless.

That’s right. I’m installing Ubuntu for the client.  They will be a completely open source shop. Their website is hosted on MODx and their desktop operating system will be Ubuntu 8.10 64bit.