When I was ready to upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10 I was pondering whether or not to give the 64 bit version a try, and in my research i read someones rational for giving it a try as this “If it’s never adopted, it will never get awesome.” Unfortunately i can’t remember where i read that, but it seems to be that it’s something to live by.

So I’ve been running a 64 bit OS for several months and I am really enjoying it (on my laptop). I have 4Gb of ram so being able to address More than 3Gb is really nice. There are two minor issues that I suppose need to be mentioned. The first thing I noticed was that my webcam wasn’t working quite right. It would start up, the indicator light would come on momentarily and then it would turn off and not work. I never attempted to fix this issue because I only really intend on using my webcam in Windows using gtalk. The other issue is that of web video. 95% of the time it works great, YouTube is always good, hulu is good, rarely though I will run across a site where the player won’t load. For example I can’t watch the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, though I could probably find it on YouTube.

All and all I would encourage any one considering the switch to go for it! I’ve had great success with it on both my laptop (Thinkpad T61) and a desktop that I built from scratch.