All Those Beers

@cupoflizard took us to The Thirsty bear (be ready… this site autoplays music) in San Francisco a Tapas restaurant. I’ve never eaten Tapas before and wasn’t really sure what to expect. They are very small portions, but they were delicious. Some of the best food I’ve had in a long time. The Thirsty Bear is also a brewery, and Jon (who isn’t on twitter) and I got their beer sampler. Above is a photo of both samplers, 18 3oz glasses of beer. I took a photo of their Beer List and i’ve rated the beers below. Keep in mind these are my Own personal tastes, and all of the beers were good, but we all have our preferences. The seasonal beers were the Black Bear Lager and the Double I.P.A which has 9.2% alcohol. I was very impressed with the Double I.P.A because you couldn’t taste the alcohol in it, i’ve had some other 8% and 9% that are almost undrinkable because the hairspray taste ruins them.

  • Polar Bear Pilsner

    golden bohemian-style pilsner

  • Golden Vanilla

    light, smooth ale infused with vanilla beans

  • Valencia Wheat

    belgian-inspired white, coriander & orange peel

  • Brown Bear Ale

    british style amber with a robust & malty body

  • Meyer E.S.B – nitrogen conditioned

    smooth carmel body with a floral hop aroma

  • Koslov Stout – nitrogen conditioned

    dry irish style stout with black & rosted malts

  • Howard St I.P.A.

    well bittered strong ale witha citrus nose

  • Black Bear Lager
  • Double IPA – 9.2% alcohol