Yesterday some friends and I headed down to the Kettle House. The Kettle house is the sort of place where anyone can go and feel at home, even my four year old. There is such a wide variety of folks that frequent the K-Hole among the usual good-beer-seeking drinking crowd, there are always a couple of young kids, there are folks reading (below). I sampled the Honey Hefeweizen, the Amber, and the Eddy Out Pale Ale. Jessica and Collin both enjoyed the Root Beer, which may be the best I’ve ever tasted. I have to say the the Eddy Out was probably my favorite (it was also my third…). I took a few photos with my BlackBerry, so the quality is lacking.

Missoula Shoes

Everyone in Missoula Must have these shoes.

Recently I broke down and bought a pair of Chocos, and now I can look just like every other Missoulian. I’m surprised at how comfortable they are, I was a bit sceptical at first.

True Missoulian

This fellow looked very eloquent sipping his beer and reading.