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This week I received my first voice mails on my Google Voice account. Here are two voice mails and their transcriptions. They arn’t perfect (although google voice clearly understands my mom much better than dan) but i’m still fairly impressed and happy that i didn’t have to listen to either message to understand what the message was about.

Voice Mail From My Mom

It’s me. I don’t know if you listen to your messages but there’s no cell service at the lake, so you have to call the landline yet or not you know that, but maybe sometime in that internet bye.

Voice Mail From Dan Bowling

Hey Nick, it’s Dan, I’m, you never answer your phone you know that I’ve just wanna say that. Anyways, I was calling to say I read your Tweed about running low. We’re controller for Dot Net stuff and wanted to say how mad I am at you because I told you to try to query and you refused you know you love it. I tried you try mile, View, Controller and you refuse to know somebody else to do so. Do you know you. Let’s talk to you so you just take me. That’s all I’m saying. Have a good day. Bye.

Good to the last drop., originally uploaded by nshontz.

IMG00140.jpg, originally uploaded by nshontz.

A big thanks to the folks at the Trail Head for the help buying a new canoe. Completely painless.