In general I hate Best Buy.

More and more my Best Buy experiences have been filled with unintelligent & over-confident employees trying to sell items that can be found half price elsewhere. For example, just before my most recent work trip my headphones broke, without enough time to order online, i looked locally. Of the places in town Best Buy had the biggest selection of around ear headphones, so with the intention of returning them after my trip, i picked up some headphones for $200. At the prodding of karf0 i checked amazon, wasn’t too surprised to find the same headphones for $100, and i vowed to never buy anything at Best Buy again.

Until the Droid came out…

I went to Best Buy on Friday November 6th, 2009 for the unveiling of the Motorola Droid.  I entered the store at 5:30pm, and i could tell that “Droid Launch Day” had been a busy one for them, I also knew this to be true because I had been in earlier in the day so one of my co-workers could pick up his Droid.  We chose Best Buy to obtain the latest in geeky gadgetry because Droids purchased at Best Buy are 199.99 without the mail in rebate. (They invented mail in rebates for people like me.)

I have to say that purchasing my Droid at Best Buy was probably the most pleasant phone buying experience of all time.  They installed the screen protector at no extra cost (I don’t think she was supposed to) and the process took all of 30 minutes.  Best Buy  redeemed itself yesterday with it’s great service. I’m not going to buy anything directly from best buy, but at least I’ve got a positive experience to go along with the negative one.