I got a chance to walk around downtown Helena for an hour this afternoon and take some photos. Helena is a city founded by four gold miners who have striking it rich one last chance. Most of these photos are of Last Chance Gulch. Many of these buildings were built during the days of the gold rush by the millionaires that had made their fortune. Helena at one point had the most millionaires per capita than anywhere in the US.

  • IMG_1849

    Eddy’s Bread, good…

  • IMG_1885

    The Power Block, My dad used to work in this building

  • IMG_1907

    The Atlas Building

  • IMG_1893

    The Parrot Confectionery

  • IMG_1924

    The Montana Club

  • IMG_1927

    The Montana Club, It’s different in Helena

  • IMG_1914

    A giant mural