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I’ve had my camera for one year, two weeks, and two days.  In that time I’ve taken about 10,000 photos and uploaded about 700 of them to Flickr.  Almost all of these photos have been taken with the Basic Options on the camera, the presets. I’ve taken a lot of photos like that and was generally pretty happy with the results, until now. When I got my camera i tried to find a suitable program (I use Ubuntu) that would let me manage my photo collection as well as handle raw photos. There were a few for managing photos but nothing good for dealing with raw photos. Well, there was a plugin for the GIMP but i did says suitable program, not something to drive me over the edge….
So today I decided to look again, it’s time i joined the club and got away from the basic settings, and inadequate software is not a viable excuse. I popped open the repository and searched for “canon” and saw something called Rawstudio.


I also discovered that Google Picasa for linux will open raw photos, and the output is much better than the jpg from the canon, but Rawstudio gives you an far more of flexibility.

SpringSpring - Adjusted

Here’s one I warped quite a bit:

Playing With Rawstudio - Apocolypse

A friend and colleague lead me to the article “The Dropout Economy” by Reihan Salam.  I read a lot of articles on the internet, many linked to via twitter or shared through Google reader as well as the many online resources I regularly subscribe to, and very few grab me like this one did.

I’m part of the dropout economy, and this article pretty much hits the nail on the head. you should also watch the video.