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Calibrating a BeerBug is not hard.

My initial readout (it should be at right around 1 in water):
initial reading in starsan

first find a tall slender container, a beer thief would be a good choice, but i just broke mine so used a vase.

Take a reading with a hydrometer in plain water

hydrometer reading cal 2

find the Cal 1 screen by pressing the button to the left

cal 1 entry

enter the value from the hydrometer by pressing the button for one second (it will long beep)

now add a couple of cups of sugar to the water and take another reading with the hydrometer and enter the value into Cal 2

cal 2 entry

It’s best to have a sizable difference between the first and second number, i may have gone a bit over board.

I then mixed half of my sugar water with pure water and took readings again to test.


So i’ve been collecting some new brew gear, some of my new toys are:

Last night we (@leftmostcat and i) put together a Coffee Stout entitled “Black Cat Stout.” It called for two packets of yeast, and because I’ve recently decided that I don’t trust my plastic bucket for fermentation i’m doing primary in a 5 gallon carboy.  I should have known that this batch was going to be pretty active and so I’ve had some fun times cleaning up from a blow off. I’m hoping that this batch will be the first home brew to grace the kegerator.

We picked up a really excellently (and locally) made dog house for our dog for Britta. The dog house has 2 rooms, an entry way and an insulated room with a window. The roof in hinged so you can open it up for cleaning and what not. We made this connection on craigslist and i have to say that it’s been one of my best craigslist experiences.  The dog house was built to order, we had input on size and color and we even got some extra paint for touch ups.  We paid less than half what I’ve found similar dog houses I’ve found for sale online.


If you or someone you know are looking for a killer deal on an awesome dog house let me know an I’ll pass on the contact Info, here’s the original craigslist post