Calibrating a BeerBug is not hard.

My initial readout (it should be at right around 1 in water):
initial reading in starsan

first find a tall slender container, a beer thief would be a good choice, but i just broke mine so used a vase.

Take a reading with a hydrometer in plain water

hydrometer reading cal 2

find the Cal 1 screen by pressing the button to the left

cal 1 entry

enter the value from the hydrometer by pressing the button for one second (it will long beep)

now add a couple of cups of sugar to the water and take another reading with the hydrometer and enter the value into Cal 2

cal 2 entry

It’s best to have a sizable difference between the first and second number, i may have gone a bit over board.

I then mixed half of my sugar water with pure water and took readings again to test.